Low voltage switchgear

ARC-K-SYSTEM arc fault protection

arc fault limiter

Safety system for detection and extinguishing of arc faults in low voltage systems


The KAUTZ arc fault limiter of the VdS-certified ARC K System shuts down your machinery within a maximum of 1.2 milliseconds - for a maximum of protection for operators and machinery.
Thanks to the minimal impact that the accidental arc has on the switchgear, the equipment can be quickly rendered fully operational once again, as soon as the extinguishers have been dismantled and an insulation measurement performed.
The extinguishers can be replaced and the ARC-K-System put back into operation during a planned down time.

Technical data

The ARC-K-SYSTEM has been tested in line with EN 60439-1, Supplement 2: 2009 Criterion 1–7 and VdS Guideline 2349: 2000-02(01) Para. 4.2, in a high-performance test bay, installed in a MODUL-K-SYSTEM low-voltage switchgear unit made by KAUTZ Starkstrom-Anlagen.

The ARC-K-SYSTEM comprises a number of optical sensors arranged throughout the inside of the switchgear unit. It is able to detect an accidental arc in approx. 1,2 ms and triggers an extinguisher system which initiates a three-pole short circuit.

This results in the instant extinguishing of the accidental arc. The infeed switches are simultaneously deactivated. An uncontrolled release of energy is prevented and the accidental arc is safely contained.

That is what makes us proud...

At 1,2 ms, the shut-off time of the accidental arc was so short that no damage whatsoever was caused inside the switchgear, thanks to the three-pole short-circuit cable installed inside the unit.

The obtained results were confirmed in several test runs and even with differnet sytem configurations.