Low voltage switchgear


Motor Control Center (MCC)

Motor control center (MCC)

Our type-tested and accidental arc tested withdrawable system employs the latest patented technology for safe plug-in contacting.


An internal arc-free plug-in bus, the insulation-encapsulated contact module with a mechanical lock for operational error protection, plus operating, isolation and test positions with the compartment door closed ensure maximum safety for operators and protection of machinery.

As a member of the MODUL-K-SYSTEM family the Motor Control Center (MCC) is also earthquake and shock tested. For perfect delivery worldwide, even under the harshest shipping conditions.

Technical data

Type-tested low-voltage
switchgear and controlgear
DIN EN (IEC) 61439-2,
DIN VDE 0660-600-1+2  
Protection against electric shock
DIN VDE 50274,
DIN VDE 0660-514
Testing of behaviour in
case of internal faults
(accidental arcs)
IEC 61641,
DIN VDE 0660-500, sh. 2
Seismic safety
IEC 60068-2-6/-3-3 /- 2-59,
Air-gap and leakage paths
Rated impulse
withstand voltage (Uimp)
12 kV
Overvoltage category
Pollution severity
Rated insulation voltage (Ui)
1000 V
Rated operational voltage (Ue)
690 V
Busbars E-CU-F30
Main busbars (horizontal)
1250 A to 3200 A
(at the top),
up to 6300 A (in the rear)
Bare (optional insulation)
Rated peak
withstand current
Ipk up to 265 kA, 0,1 sec
Rated short time current
Icw up to 120 kA, 1 sec
Vertical busbars (MCC)
1000 A, internal arc-free
plug-in bus,
Rated peak
withstand current
Ipk up to 176 kA, 0,1 sec
Rated short time current
Icw up to 80 kA, 1 sec
Main electrical equipment
630 A to 6300 A
up to 630 A
(fixed mounted /
NH fuse switch
Up to 630 A, mounting size 00 / 1 / 2 / 3
Motor relay
Therm. / electron. /
bus controlled
Motor starters
Coordination Type 1 or 2
(IEC 60947-4-1)
According to typicals
Internal separation
Form 2b to form 4b IEC 61439-1
Metal parts
Chrome steel (stainless)
Doors, side walls
Powder-coated steel
Internal sheets
(alu zink coated)
Degree of protection
IEC 60529 / DIN 40050 IP 31 (higher ratings
available if required)
Operating conditions
DIN EN 60947-1 / 61439-1 Min -5°C, Max +45°C,
35°C 24h average
Cubicle dimensions
2000 / 2250 mm
Width 450 / 600 / 800 /
1000 / 1200 mm
600 / 800 mm

All mentioned ratings above are nominal ratings and catalogue values. Derating has to be considered depending on specific built-in status and operating conditions (e.g. temperature, IP protection etc.)

Incoming/outgoing feeder cubicles

Incoming feeder cubicles

Air circuit-breakers from 630 A to 6300 A

  • Standard panel width:
    450mm for circuit-breakers from 630 A to1600 A
    600 mm for circuit-breakers from 630 A to 2000 A
    800 mm for circuit-breakers from 630 A to 3200 A
    1000 mm for 2 circuit-breakers from 630 A to 1600 A
  • Standard panel height: 2000 / 2200 mm
  • Standard panel depth: 600 / 750 mm
  • Isolated compartments
    Cable connection compartment
    Circuit-breaker compartment
    Metering and control compartment
    Busbar compartment
    Transverse wiring compartment

Outgoing feeder cubicles

Internal partitioning: Form 4b

  • Panel configuration: in 75 mm grid (1 height unit), 24 height units per panel, individual configuration
  • Drawer units with molded case circuit-breaker up to 630 A
  • Drawer units with fuse switch disconnectors up to 630 A
  • Motor starter drawers up to 315 kW
  • Special drawers to customer specifications
  • Isolated compartments

Cable connection compartment
Circuit-breaker compartment
Metering and control compartment
Busbar compartment
Transverse wiring compartment

Drawer compartment with automatic shutter system for plug-in buses and outlet plugs. Metallic compartment cladding

Drawer 2 height units, motor starter 160kW, fuseless construction. Typical: M3D-160/d

Additional details

  • Internal arc-free contact module (insulation encapsulated) with integrated mechanical interlock for protection against operating error
  • Mutually locked operating, isolating and test positions with operating key when compartment door is closed
  • Switching is blocked when main switch is closed or door is open (override possible)
  • Operating openings are lockable (by key or padlock)
  • Mechanically activated shutter protects personnel from contact to plug-in bus and outlet contacts upon insertion, IP4X
  • 400 or 600 mm cable connection compartment
  • Uniform drawer width and operating philosophy throughout
  • Slim drawer unit dimensions, lowest height = 75 mm (1 unit) for motor starters up to 22 kW Reversible
  • Drawer compartment with flaps for ventilation and pressure equalisation
  • Drawer compartments can be refitted for 75 mm without switching off
  • Bus position at rear and/or top
  • Additional panel-to-panel isolation and compartment isolation for fulfilling arcing criteria 6 and 7 (system protection) can be arranged individually