We master special things

Built into every KAUTZ switchgear and every KAUTZ service are very special KAUTZ ideas for more safety, more efficiency and easier operations. They make the difference that keeps satisfied customers coming back with repeat business again and again. And for all technical testing, you can be assured that we have had everything tested far above standard requirements.

We have comprehensive expertise in low voltage and medium voltage areas from 30 years of switchgear manufacturing and installation. This experience is what we incorporate into every service in order to provide added value to our customers.

Conversions, repair and maintenance of switchgear

Expansions, conversions, repair and maintenance
of existing low voltage and medium voltage switchgear according to customer needs

Transformers for construction sites and emergency power supply


  • construction site transformers and emergency transformer stations
  • maintenance of transformer stations
  • analysis of PCB content including required documentation
  • recording of all key electric data for oil
Network and system analysis

Network and system analysis

  • analysis of harmonic waves and all data relevant to the network
  • measurement pursuant to  the implementation of the Federal Air Pollution Control Act (26 BImSchV: Ordinance on Electromagnetic Fields)
  • short circuit calculation for low voltage and medium voltage systems and for cable networks
Fault detection - infra-red thermography

Fault detection

  • infra-red thermography to detect anomalies that are mostly invisible to the naked eye
  • cable fault locating for 10 kV, 20 kV cables as well as 1 kV with cable testing vehicle
Low voltage circuit breaker

Relays and circuit breakers

  • Protective tests/settings of all relays at 10 kV and 20 kV levels as well as 1 kV level in consultation with the power supply company and the customer, including documentation
  • Maintenance of 1 kV - 10 kV - 20 kV power switches for all type series
Power supply emergency service phone number

Emergency and fault clearing service

We operate an emergency and fault clearing service around the clock and throughout the whole year.