In the event of a fault, fast and professional help is crucial. That’s why our emergency service at KAUTZ is available to you at any time – day and night, every day of the year. We understand that downtime in power supply is critical and requires quick action. Our experienced service team is equipped to respond immediately to your emergency situations and provide efficient solutions.

With an extensive stock of plant parts for various station types, we are able to quickly respond to spare part needs and ensure swift repairs. Our experts are not only technically skilled but also trained to act effectively and purposefully in pressure situations.

Our fault emergency service can be reached at the easy-to-remember number 0800-KAUTZTRIER, that is +49 (0)800-5288987437. We ensure that your facilities are up and running as quickly as possible and that supply security is guaranteed.

Rely on KAUTZ for fast, competent help in all emergencies and faults of your energy systems. We are just a call away whenever you need us – at any time, on any day.




Phone +49 (0)651 84015-0