Our comprehensive service range at KAUTZ includes everything you need to keep your switchgear up to date with the latest technology and ensure its longevity. From careful expansion of existing systems, precise modifications, to professional repairs and regular maintenance – we provide a comprehensive service specifically tailored to the needs of your facilities.

We understand that each system is unique, and therefore, we focus on individual solutions that are precisely tailored to your requirements. Our experts have the necessary expertise and experience to ensure optimal performance and the highest safety of your switchgear. Whether it’s low-voltage or medium-voltage switchgear, our team works efficiently and effectively to minimize downtime and maximize the reliability of your facilities.

Rely on KAUTZ for a service that not only maintains your systems but also extends their lifespan and enhances safety. Contact us to learn more about our customized service options and how we can help you operate your systems at an optimal performance level.




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