MODUL-K-SYSTEM Low Voltage Main Distribution Board (LVMD) and Motor Control Center (MCC) brochure


All mentioned rated currents are nominal values and manufacturer specifications. Depending on the installation condition and environmental conditions (such as IP protection class, ambient temperature, etc.), a reduction in load capacity must be considered.

  • Arc fault foot point-free contact module (encapsulated in insulating material) with integrated, mechanically interlocked operating error protection
  • Mutually interlocked operating, disconnected and test position using an operating key when the compartment door is closed
  • Switch lock when the main switch is closed or the door is open
  • Operating openings can be locked (key or padlock)
  • Mechanically actuated, latching contact protection of the plug-in rail and outgoing contacts (shutter), IP4X
  • 400 or 600 mm cable connection compartment
  • Uniform insertion width and operating philosophy for all services
  • Narrow slide-in contour, smallest height 1 U = 75 mm for motor starters up to 22 kW
  • with flaps for ventilation and pressure equalization
  • Conversion of slots in 75 mm increments possible without switching off
  • Rear and/or top rail position
  • Additional field-to-field penetration seals and compartmentalized penetration seals to meet arc fault criteria 6 and 7 (system protection) optional



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